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An invitation to explore a great Seattle restaurant – the location is a surprise

Join other foodies at Seattle’s Mystery Meet dinner

So this Solo Cook is all for adventures – especially with food. Are you game? Do you like secrets and mysteries?

Well join me, the host, at the Mystery Meet dinner in Seattle. Join other foodies in a food exploration on Tuesday, April 2, at 8:30 p.m. You don’t know what restaurant you’ll be eating at until the day before and you don’t know the menu until you arrive. Sign up here and invitations will be sent out.

I’m the host of this event and guarantee you’ll have a great time at this amazing restaurant with multiple courses for only $49. But there’s no way you’ll get the location out of me early – although I do accept bribes.

Part of the fun is solving the mystery by guessing what restaurant I’ve picked. Here are some clues.

Location Clues:

  1. Washington D.C. mound.
  2. 21% between 25th & 26th.
  3. My posse’s on it.
  4. Hindi or Nepali for “plate.”
  5. Dorothy naps.

I attended a Mystery Meet dinner a couple months ago that was hosted by another food lover and blogger, Myrissa Yamashiro. It was an amazing night at Luc filled with a visit from Chef Thierry Rautureau and great conversations about food vacations, cooking and the hot restaurants in the area. I have no doubt we’ll have just as much fun and entertainment at this surprise restaurant.

Be daring, be bold and book your ticket now for Mystery Meet dinner.